Tariff as of January 1, 2016

You will find below pro info our basic rates for combinations of so called "European" languages, namely French, English, Dutch, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. Different increase factors apply for combinations involving Germanic, Nordic, Slavic, rare European or Asian languages as source or target language. Full tariff on request.

You can also calculate a purely informative estimate using our online estimate tool. Remember however that only the estimates established by TEET are binding the parties.

Extract(1) (as of January 1, 2016):
(always to be confirmed by estimate)
VAT exclusive
(without page setting)
: from 0.134 € / word(3)
Proofreading(4) : 56.07 € / hour
Page setting of texts
(Internet site: on estimate)
: 56.07 € / apiece
Rewriting of your texts : 56.07 € / hour
  • Rush jobs
  • WE & holidays jobs
  • Paper Source/protected PDF etc.

  • : + 20 %
  • : + 40 %
  • : + 15 %
Minimum rate:
(per job)
: 56.07 €

(1) Basic rates for common language pairs.(2) Do not include "key account" discounts nor supplements for research or special assignments.

(2) To and from: English, French, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese. Other target / source languages: full tariff on request.

(3) The word count is done on the source text if provided in a current digital format, else on the translated document.

(4) First hour due, then by indivisible quarter-hour.